Experimental education has often been proved to generate results that cannot be attained through conventional classroom instruction. Consequently, based on the success of all of our programmes at SSERD with students of all levels, we wish to introduce space science to school children through the Cosmo Kit's spectacular experiments and challenges.

What is Cosmokit

Designed by SSERD, Cosmo-kit is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) magical box containing 5 basic space experiments which helps students with any background to know what space is and give them a go to hands-on experience about space science. Experiments are of observational astronomy, aerodynamics astrophysics, aerospace and more. With these experiments students get a chance to know many different aspects of space science and get exposure to new concepts.

How you can help?

Use the link below to gift a dream and ignite the scientific temperament in one child. Consider your step today to make our nation space ready, help the future of our nation – the youth, get the best start towards a brighter future.

What is the cost?

Each Kit costs Rs. 999, and you can donate from minimum 1 to unlimited number of kits

Do I get tax benifits?

Yes! All of your contributions are tax deductible under 12 A and 80G

What if you are company who wants to use CSR Funds?

If you are a company willing to donate Cosmokits under your CSR Program, please get in touch with us

Independence Day Campaign
25 Out of 75 kits funded

Learning By Doing

Many smiles instilled, many futures inspired, many curious minds ignited

During an experiment examining the phases of the moon, youngsters still believed that the Moon was being consumed by a god and not by the rotation of the Earth and Moon

This demonstrates the critical need for initiatives such as CosmoKit to reach as many rural schools in India as possible and provide students with the ability to move beyond myths and fables and learn real science.

Through the help of companies, organisations and Individuals like you, we will educate children about space through experiments, provide them with the best hands-on experience to learn about space, and ultimately motivate them to pursue space and become the future of India's space programme.


Through the process of assembling and flying a glider, the students will learn the workings of an airplane and the essential components needed to make something that can fly
This map of stars customised to the geographical location of the schools will help students look and the sky and locate stars, constellations and planets
This hands-on worksheet will teach the students about different constellations through patterns and learn about the history behind them through stories
This enjoyable exercise will help students understand the physics behind the different phases of the moon by using torches and a thermocoal ball to mimic how the moon appears throughout month
This DIY activity will help the students learn about the physics behind gravity and forces and teach them about safe landings of payloads and astronauts


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